Complete Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, & Residential Site Development

Clearing & Grubbing:

Whether you are building a home, office, or creating pasture, Ellis Construction LLC can provide you with a clean and well prepared site above and beyond your expectations.

Erosion Control:

We are a registered land disturber and can fulfill all your needs when it comes to erosion. We spread seed, fertilizers, and straw and also install silt fence, retention ponds and underground storage for rain water.

Surveying & Site Layout:

If you are undecided on the layout of your site, we can offer you effective solutions and placements.

Excavation & Grading:

If you are building a food plot or a runway, if your site is on a mountain or in the plains, we are your one-stop solution to all your excavating and grading needs. With top of the line equipment we can do it all.

Fill Materials & Compaction:

We can fix low spots and remove unsuitable soil while providing you with proctored soils or a cheaper fill material. We also provide trucks, trailers and equipment for debris and waste material removal.

Water Mains & Services:

Ellis Construction provides upgrade services to all your water line needs. We also provide pressure testing, flushing, and taps.

Sanitary Sewer Lines:

Let us help you with installation and grading of properly-sealed sewer lines.

Storm Sewer Lines, Catch Basins & Outlets:

We are the best when it comes to your stormwater runoff needs.

Underground Rainwater Storage / Raintanks:

If you need a retention pond to accommodate rain water but can not afford to lose the square footage because of parking, underground storage is your solution.


We can supply your every need, from one ton to one thousand tons. We offer crushed concrete, slag, asphalt millings, and quarry stones (sand, 21's, 57's, 3's and rip rap).

Curb & Gutter:

With skilled labor, our curb and gutter creations are the best in the business.

Drop inlets, Culverts, Manholes:

Crews of highly-trained professionals will build top-quality, long-lasting structures.

Sidewalks/Driveways/ Concrete Slabs On Grade:

Preparing the sub soils to precise grades, we then place required stone and pour the slabs within tolerances.


We have an excellent relationship with numerous paving companies to ensure you get the best prices and craftsmanship possible.

Snow & Ice Removal:

Whether it's salting your sidewalks, pushing snowy parking lots or clearing streets/highways, we provide very competitive rates. We always have the right equipment.

Swam Certified
Water and Sewer
Heavy Highway Curb and Gutter
Grading and Site Preparation
Commercial Excavation